HAIM – Don’t Save Me

Sometimes you go from seeing advertisements for singles and album releases, to being blown away when you finally get to hear the album. HAIM are exactly that, I went from seeing all sorts of things that served as a subconscious seed being planted in my brain which manifested into admiration after hearing ‘Send Me Down’ at work. My ears propped up like ‘what the hell?!’, I kinda was like ‘I need to hit Maschine when I get home because this is that real Grimey Rap Club experimental sh*t’. I guess that’s what drew me in, I related to that joint and the rest was easy because of their grooves. The grooves combined with the flow of the melodies and layers with the vocal dynamics are powerful. I can’t begin to break down the whole mesh of influences, all I know is that if you haven’t yet heard their album, you should listen/stream although I’d be more than happy to buy the album as opposed to stream it on Spotify.


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