Google Chromecast

I came across this whilst window shopping in Amazon, I don’t know too much about it but I’m intrigued because it may just be an Apple TV with the cables and space. Another thing I like is that, from some of the videos I’ve featured below, it doesn’t seem to discriminate against manufacturers. With the Apple TV and Airplay you’re limited to Apple devices, but just like their search engine, Google is open to all. I also admire the way how Google has branded Chrome in its own right but allows its produce to speak to other devices. If this can do what I think it can do, I may have to trade in my Apple TV or get one in tandem although there must be some cons…

In my earlier praise I was naive to the facts: although it allows streaming from a majority of mobile and tablet device manufacturers you need to use Google’s Chrome browser, content is pretty limited, also and the deciding factor is that it weren’t as simple as plugging it into the tv: it needs to be connected to the mains and/or USB port on the back of your tv. Now I’m not sure about anyone else but the fact that I may need my USB port in the back of my tv or use their chrome browser is off putting, I’m sticking to my Apple TV. Besides the £23.00gbp price tag and it’s open arm approach to mobile tablet/devices of its competitors, I realise this fantasy go space saving is short lived…

Apple are victorious in customer retention once again, but I must admit that Google are in pursuit -a shame that the grass isn’t always greener after discovering the deceptive shortcomings.


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