The Cult of Aloe Vera Juice

No one likes being the last person to know about something, especially when that said something can change your perspective on the choice of drinks forever. I skipped the whole Vita Coca hype of last summer, I chose to consume bottles of Nestlé Pure Life instead. I had heard whispers about this drink before but I had never taken the leap of faith wholeheartedly, the last time i had a taste of the drink was whilst in Wasabi, the OKF brand to be exact, but I couldn’t get my head around the large bits of jellied aloe floating around in my drink. Since that wet afternoon in 2010, I had all but forgot about Aloe vera until the autumn of 2013 when I spotted a colourful bottle by a trusted heritage brand, Grace, whose products I’d grown up with as a child of Jamaican parents. I used to love the grace advert with all the singing and dancing condiments, that I first saw on my first trip to Jamaica in 1990.

Aloe juice has a cult following. There are those who’ve known Aloe about the Holy Grail of juice for quite sometime and others who’ve always known it to be bitter -the latter being the natural unflavoured juice. My favourite happens to be Strawberry, but Grace have also done a great job in translating Aloe into mango. However much I’ve experienced often poor attempts by producers to manufacture mango juice, Grace did this with ease which further cemented their place at the forefront and a trusted brand when it comes to Caribbean cookery. I’m not usually, nahhhh, I’ve never been a fan of pulp in my drink but this took me by surprise.



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