Ribena Strawberry Concentrate

Sometimes in life it’s great to try new things. I’m not usually the type of person to venture out of my comfort zone with domestic food and drink buying habits, because in the survival battle against the rising cost of living every penny counts. A carton of Ribena was 50p yesterday but tomorrow it could be 65p. My point is that I’m not a man who loves gambling, so when I spotted a bottle of Strawberry concentrate Ribena, I took it as a sign from the supermarket Gods that something great was put in front of me. I picked up the bottle, let my girl know that I’d found a new thing to try -to which she was sceptical, and headed to the Tesco check out. When I returned home however, I realised that Strawberry concentrate was the biggest mistake Ribena had ever made. It’s disgusting, stick to the carton or better yet, the Blackcurrant concentrate but to be honest you’d probably be better off with a bottle of Tesco’s brand high juice. Why? Because Ribena tastes better from a 288ml carton. My dilemma is that I now how to force myself to finish a 1L bottle of Strawberry concentrate as I really don’t wish to waste my moolah…



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