Nightwave – LUXOR EP

What happens when you put some of the least known and obscure cult underground sub genres in a cauldron, adding some spicy bass, synth leads, organ stabs, vocal snippets and 808 bass drums? The result of which would be the Luxor EP by Nightwave.

This is a release that you don’t often see, it’s all club focused and full of bangers from top to bottom -for different parts of the night may I add. The first track, Amithizz, is probably my favourite track because as someone who’s into Rap, Trap and Grime it caught my ear and drew me in. It’s a strong start to the release and unlike other tracks you hear, this has movement and takes you on a trip through what feels like a retrofuturistic time warp. Movement is something that Nightwave does really well in all productions, as much as Dance and Club music has a strong focus on the looping of the main segments, Nightwave has adopted a Yeezus approach to Amethizz, and the other tracks on the EP, as she isn’t afraid to switch it up every other 8/16/24 bars.

I believe that it’s unfair for me to single out the first track when there’s four other bangers on their too, but trust me when I say that Amethizz sets the bar for the rest to follow. Each additional track gets better and better, especially when you get to the Ghettotech/Baile Funk vibes of Go Hard, the psychedelic/Acid House/Retro Rave feel of Luxor or the Dancehall feel of Rave Hard.

At first I didn’t know what to expect as I know that Nightwave is a fearless producer but as I said previously, Amethizz set the tone by providing a bridge, by which I felt welcome to enter the zone of Luxor and enjoy all chambers of Heka’s maiden voyage.

Certified banger and I look forward to hearing more releases from Nightwave and the Heka clan!

Available from iTunes and Boomcat


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