Big Groove – Cool

As everyone may know by now I love my music ever so chilled. I got a thing for soothing vibrato synth pads, minimal drums, a bassline that struts its way down a catwalk and a cute topline melody. A majority of the time I love my music instrumental, a tad bit of vocals -although nothing overbearing. I don’t mind looped up trace inducing music, as long as its the type of loop arrangement that refreshes itself on every first bar comeback.

Jackson Groove is one track off of Big Groove’s album Cool, which seems to be a nod to all things retrofuturistic and psychedelic. It’s got snares from the electronic drum kits of the 1980s, interlude samples from what seems to be the era of Saved By The Bell, and a whole lot of chopped up vocal top lines, pitched down to a level where it can be saying pretty much anything you want it to be. I’m loving this a lot, its a continuous vibe for me. I can see myself writing to it, getting smooth with my cutie or riding to and from all letters of the alphabet.

I can’t even front on you, Texas is bringing the heat, this guy turnt Jeopardy theme into a banger! I’m bugging out because the choice of the drum samples and the way they’ve been proceed accentuates the sample. From listening, although some tracks are considerably shorter than usual, a whole lot of thought, time and energy have gone into making this as Cool as possible.

Favourite Track: Too many to mention but I must say that Come On is just too much! This guy knows how to pick a sample to use for a track I’d tell you that much. It’s like as I’m writing this I hear track after track and fall for it, like The Walk is serious too -kinda like walking itself, steady rhythm and the arp is reflective on the moving thoughts sights and sense stimulus. The break down that comes somewhere in the midst is like crossing the road. This guy man. After I schedule this post I’m gonna jump on Logic and up my levels.


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