Incase UK – Maki Jacket

I’m not sure what it is about a camouflage colourway in a particular item that make me fall in love with it [well some things]. First it was a pair of Maharishi kicks, then a Bench bag (way back in ’06), a Uni Qlo zip up hoody, and a Onesie [that my partner somehow inherited]. I’m not sure whether its down to my old[er] age or the fact that camouflage somehow makes the most trivial and frivolous items that I shouldn’t care about seem more masculine. Who know?

I’m really attracted to this iPad Mini case but I already own two [admitting it makes me feel like a woman who owns a closet full of designer handbags]. My first was a black Herschel zip clutch case and the other is Apple’s signature smart cover in Red. I think the only thing stopping me from purchasing this case is that it reminds me of all the [cliché] ones I see all day at work and despise, however I’d be willing to give in as the camouflage/orange is mesmerising.

It’s constructed from double canvas with a soft suede lining [ooooo errrr], offering ‘lightweight‘ protection -meaning that it looks nice but it won’t fear well in the battle of physics. Considering Apple’s smart cover retails for around 36GBP, the Maki Jacket retails for 25GBP -bearing in mind that the Maki Jacket covers the whole unit and looks much more stylish.

Purchase Here


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