Retrosuperfuture – Optical

Many people may have seen me rocking my custom graduated W frames last summer and wondered where I’d got them from or even more particularly where they got to. Well they were made by leading contemporary Italian brand, RETROSUPERFUTURE and I haven’t worn them since changing my prescription sometime in the spring -as fellow optical wearers will tell you that once your prescription changes it’s never wise to continue wearing the previous frames when the lenses haven’t been changed to avoid headaches. All of that aside, I tend to window shop on Super’s site quite a lot. It’s always the place I head to when I feel like a change. Sometimes I head over there to get a look at their seasonal  colourways in a particular frame style because they always seem to be ahead of the curve.

What most people don’t understand is that, shopping for frames as a prescriptive spectacle wearer like buying a car, it has to not only look good but it also has to make you feel comfortable and make a statement, separating you from all else. However much an inexpensive runaround is more than adequate to get from A-Z in terms of a car, I wouldn’t dream of doing so when it comes to my glasses. For me they are an extension of my personality, the type of glasses I purchase will affect the clothes I wear and the way I communicate within the world for the next 9-12 months, depending on how comfortable I get. A decision when purchasing is never to be taken lightly, and because of my attention to detail, knowing how much weight a decision to purchase a pair of frames entails, it’s important for me personally to make such decisions at significant periods of the year.

I tend to project my mind into the future, assess my goals and aspirations, weighing up where I’d like to be and go from there and that almost always leads me to the RETROSUPERFUTURE website for inspiration. I copped a pair of Flat Top frames earlier in the year after taking a browse, although I didn’t end up purchasing a pair of Super frames but a pair from Booth and Bruce in my local Optician’s [Sight Centre, Deptford High Street]. One thing I must say about RETROSUPERFUTURE is that it’s hard for me to make the purchase when I cannot try the frames on, as I don’t know where a high Street outlet is located. I tend not to hit the big red button for opticals because because I need to take the cost of my prescription lenses into consideration -they could cost up to 60GBP in addition to the frames depending on the size, shape, thickness and coating.

I guess you might see me in a pair of People frames, €179.00 a pop -can I justify them?


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