Rainy Milo – Rats

Words cannot describe how much I love the voice of Milo. Her soft, sweeping tones gliding over the compositions like a Tea Clipper out on the high seas. I missed the era of Limey, Milo’s freshmen release, but I began to take notice when I heard a track on a soundcloud podcast. Since then I’ve literally been hooked on the tracks Are You Sure, Don’t Regret Me and Deal Me Briefly. All three tracks are just so easy on the ear, I admire the way Milo’s vocals follow the path of a sweeping synth, moulding herself into an unimposing instrument against a backdrop of beauty. I feel that the more I listen is the more I get from each song, whether it be the lyrical theme in Don’t Regret Me -begging her lover not to go beyond his means to impress her, or Are You Sure -where she’s describes her indifference and constant overthinking could be her ultimate downfall. I’d describe Rainy Milo’s ‘X-Factor’ [forget the negative connotation as a result of the television show] as endearment -that’s why I admire her so much. Another thing I admire is the way that Rainy Milo sings in a distinctive British accent, aligning herself with the likes of Etta Bond, Lily Allen and Ellie Goulding in my list of the most revered,


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