Hip Hop Toy Shop: Now Open

It’s 2013, a long way from the Middle Kingdom of a genre that has redefined and shaped popular culture. The emperors who rose to dizzying heights in the beginning of the Middle Kingdom of Hip Hop culture are now Pharaohs, but what happens when they go, who will take their place?
Is there a saviour in our midst of contemporary artists on the rise or will Hip Hop come to represent the era of ignorance, the era that KRS ONE, Public Enemy and Native Tongues fought so hard against?

I am by no means religious but both the Bible and numerous other manuscript of moral guidelines speak of this era of ignorance. Are we in a cultural Soddom and Gomorra, or has self and political awareness become uncool?
In times where the average youth has no sense of direction nor suitable role model, I guess we can always call upon the prophets of times gone by to pave the way for us.

Maybe it’s time for us to ask ourselves, what what would Slick Rick, Biggie Smalls or Ice Cube do?
Maybe it’s time for us to evoke the spirits of those who possessed integrity, creativity and epitomised keeping it real. Perhaps we should all head over to the Hip Hop Toy Shop and spread the awareness by having our collectible effigies to the Pharaohs of Hip Hop and pray for them to gives us the power to march on the era of ignorance, dressed in black and gold OG Life bandannas, donning the Pharaoh as a mouth piece.


Disclaimer: Idolatry, blasphemy and disregard for religious/spiritual belief were non intentional, this was purely conceptual.


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