Lemzly Dale – State of War

What happens when you cross an Alfred Hitchcock soundtrack, The Legend of Zelda and an 808 Bass Drum? The result is an amalgamation of the beautiful, charming and sinister. This producer has the ability to tell a story, creating tracks that not only move your body each time you hear the deep pounding bass drum from sector 808, but the strings and choice of musical scales move your imagination; am I at the beach with a 99 Flake before I discover the tsunami coming towards me from over the horizon, or have I stepped outdoors on a sunny afternoon and reach too far from home to change a pair of Box Fresh suede Sneakers for leather ones as it begins to rain cats and dogs?

This is the only way to describe a Lemzly Dale production, it’s the moment between the pleasant and panic, you know the slice of sweetness before the aftertaste kicks in. Word on the grimevine is that Lemzly Dale is releasing an EP on Mixclique Records, which will be the forth official release for the label who’ve previously released a compilation featuring tracks from the likes of J Beatz, Neon [cofounder of the Mixclique Records], and Flava D -if you’ve caught me doing random mashups or sets at parties and gatherings, Hanna Han gets a lot of love.

Stay up to date with everything Lemzly Dale and Sector 7 Records on Facebook.


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