Banks – This Is What It Feels Like

Sometimes you hear a song and you start to fall in love with a particular part. It may be the tiniest part of the song such as an ad-lib or it could be the organ stabs in the midst of a verse, sometimes it could be the tone of the vocalist and the way they seem to cruise along the composition with ease. I remember hearing Warm Water on a rainy morning whilst getting dressed for work, I was listening to Rinse FM at the time and it happened to be the last track on the playlist. I used either Soundhound or Shazam to grab the song name, pretty sure it was Shazzam as it can listen in the background as I were streaming at the time. I didn’t have enough money at the time but I saved that search in my history for sixteen days until I had enough money in my account to make the 69p purchase from iTunes.

I yearned for more music from Banks at the time but could not find anything, why? Because it was a culmination of all the great low tempo/chilled out music that’s widely available on soundcloud, with an amazing [non overpowering] vocalist providing a breath of fresh air from what I usually hear on the radio. I was delighted to discover a new song in my Tumblr timeline, I was impressed with the quality and in awe that I had finally uncovered some mystique surrounding the artist that I waited 16 days to make a 69p purchase and who only had one particular track available at the time of purchase. I’m intrigued to her what the album sounds like, I can’t wait…

Purchase ‘London EP’ from iTunes


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