#WGF – Bose Soundlink Air

I’m a man of few demands and complexities, one of the things in life that I enjoy most is listening to music. There was a period over the past two months that I wasn’t able to listen and enjoy my playlists as I once did, the period between changing broadband providers. I was so used to streaming music from my iPhone, MacBook and iPad Mini that I didn’t listen to anything once I was without Wi-Fi.

Maybe I should of had the foresight to invest in a wireless audio system that supported Bluetooth as well as Airplay because then I wouldn’t of been so lost once there was no internet to pair everything up. I tried to use the Aux connection on the reverse of the unit but I was so used to streaming that wires just got in the way. For some reason there was never a wire long or safe enough for me to enjoy the music whilst I was doing my laundry, in the bath etc.

Now I’m back online things have improved, I’m up at silly o’clock -voiceless due to being ill and falling asleep early after a long day at work, listening to my favourite playlist with all my chilled out tracks. It’s probably the first time I’ve felt blissful in a while and that’s thanks to having my musical comforts up and running.

What are you grateful for today?


Available here


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