Etta Bond x Balistiq – Inside My Head

Absolutely love this artist way too much than a few paragraphs can ever describe. Not sure if its her blatant disregard for trends, opinions or the wider status quo, in fact I know it’s none of those things. I admire Etta Bond for bearing her soul to the world unashamedly. It’s far removed from all the party and bullshit, the content is [pretty pretty ‘Larry David’ style] real. It’s something you always connect with. There’s no smarmy, smart arse unnecessary metaphoric similes, its straight to the point; the uncomfortable thoughts you’d probably share with your nearest dearest or the thoughts which fester within yourself.

I love Etta because she’s got that Lily Allen rookie and pre league aura about her, you know -the wittiness and dark undertones delivered on a plate of desirable sentiment. Whilst Lily had Mark Ronson and Future Cuts on the debut, Etta’s got Raf Riley and Balistiq -although I’m still waiting on the Warren Xclnce collab [Examine Me] to be released too. Don’t be mistaken, Etta’s comparison to Lily stops at the uncompromising manner in which she approaches her art, vocally I’d gladly put her in a league of her own -sultry, dulcet, natural tones with the only artist I’d compare this sort of ability to translate her inner demons through her gifts is the late great Amy Winehouse [peace be upon her 👳👼🙏].

I’m sure a majority of you skimmed past the previous paragraph not even listening to the references of the era I miss so dearly but something tells me that Etta and her band of producers [Raf Riley, Balistiq et al] are a clear indication that something great, artistic, creative and credible is about to blow the mediocre scene and sound of contemporary British popular culture and its music industry to smithereens.

Without further adieu…

Directed by Jeremy Cole


2 thoughts on “Etta Bond x Balistiq – Inside My Head

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