RoboCLIP – The Secret Level

Straight outta Salt Lake City, on the edge of Utah, Kade Call aka RoboCLIP delivers a set of four bangers entitled ‘The Secret Level’. True it’s title, the music is reflective of each stage in an adventure. I’m not sure what era RoboCLIP grew up in but there’s definitely influences from early Nintendo and Sega releases, whether it be the 8-bit sounds or choice of synths, GxTV reminds me of the Streets of Rage with a slightly true to life feel. Video games and influences aside, this is a release that you can zone out to, it’s the puffing clouds of smoke into a dimly lit room, the drive into the twilight on a long dark road music. The release makes me wonder if living out in Utah and driving on those long freeways -as I’ve seen in the movies, was the catalyst behind the creativity of the project. What do you think, care to listen and comment to share your views?

My favourite track is JPRG Sunday’s, what’s yours?


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