Mr. Mitch – The Suave EP

Probably one of the most idiosyncratic producers I’ve come across in recent years, Mr. Mitch continues to push himself out of being pigeonholed into categories. People constantly ask me, what is it, what’s the name of the sound, is it new? I can only answer, ‘it’s Mr. Mitch’ because this is what he does, this is what he’s always done. This is the guy that stole cat sounds and made an anthem for a little known town in south east London. Sure this an EP that may have you trying to pigeonhole the sound, trace the influences back to some part of a distant relative of a sub genre, in the realm of Hip Hop and Grime but my advice is to forget being a detective, forget over thinking the bass drum or arpeggio and enjoy the music. As out there as it is, it’s an amazing offering that complements an overall body of work demonstrating growth and future potential.

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