CAS – You Might Be Scared

CAS is back with a banger, enlightening listeners on the importance of being socially and politically aware. This track is littered with gems, and continues to solidify CAS’ place as one of the great voices of inner city youth. This lyricist is someone who’s going from strength to strength, represents a Grime foundation, embodies British street culture rather than emulating the wider international Hip Hop culture, and speaks using all manner of inner city British colloquium.

If CAS’ whole thing is being dead, we need to find a way to bring him to life and to keep him alive, although I wonder whether the theme of being dead runs deeper to the level of doing whatever you want as it is the only inevitable. He just seems to never focus on anything outside of his sentiments; the music isn’t ambitious on the grounds of having themes of aspiration, it’s pretty much the here and now -warts and all… But I digress into my own reflective train of thought, without further adieu here’s that new CAS.


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