Joni Mitchell – Help Me

Since starting my new job in the fall of 2012, I heard this song everyday without fail but could never manage to use Soundhound in time to capture the song. There was something about this song that appealed to me, a certain je ne sais quoi of alien sounding melody, rhythm, groove, soul and subtle vocal acrobatics. I did eventually manage to catch the name one morning and since them I haven’t stopped listening to it. 

This song has set a new production precedent and leaves me quite melancholic at the prospect of never being able to experience an aural or vocal alternative on the contemporary music horizon. I requested recommendations but I think friends, acquaintances and followers misconstrued my request, as the comparatives thrown into the [imaginary] hat were artists such as Pink!, Rihanna and Beyonce. All great singers might I add, but none in the same realm as Joni’s dulcet tones over that sweet analogue 1970 slice of folk soul.

My quest may be in vain as it was a totally different era back then; recordings were made on tape resulting in a warmer sound, all instruments were recorded at the same time so there’s much more room for variation, and back then artists were artists -they weren’t slaves prostituting themselves within the neo-capitalist model of representation by trading currency to champion a cause they didn’t believe in. I guess I digress ever so slightly but this song is simply magical…

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Care to recommend and discuss an alternative to Joni?


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