Twinings Earl Gray Tea

About an hour ago I felt like a cup of tea. I opened the cupboard, there was no herbal tea [sigh]. I glanced around and there was no PG tips or Tetley tea [sigh]. I looked up and in the corner was a black Twinings box with Earl Grey. I searched around the box, the kettle having just heated the water, looking for instructions on how to make a cup of this Earl Grey tea because I had no idea if you had to add milk. In my confusion I sent a text message to my girlfriend and awaited her reply, ‘Yh babe lol x‘ [being able to ask and having someone answer your silly questions are some of the perks of being in a relationship].

Just Add Hot Water

Once I got confirmation, I set off on my quest to make a midnight cuppa; picked the bag from the top of the box, took a whif and was pleasantly surprised by the light and fragrant hint of lemon and bergamot. I guess I felt the feeling Earl Grey, the Georgian Prime Minister, felt when he was given a few cases -a gift from a Chinese Mandarin


It’s not often as of late that I’ve discovered something in the realm of food and drink that I’ve been driven to write about it so late into the night but I really couldn’t help it. Earl Grey has probably been in my presence for a very long time, not to mention in my own kitchen cupboard and if I had any idea how good it tasted, I would have made a cuppa ages ago.

Rating: 9/10 [the tea bag weren’t as effective when recycled an hour later]


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