K15 – Insecurities EP

I first met K15 when I journeyed to a rehearsal studio in north London to record some footage sometime last year. Back then he was apart of an outfit called the Noblemen, although I’m unsure which one out of the group K15. I’ve kept up to date via the odd mailout but apart from that this talented and eclectic producer is somewhat of an enigma.

The Insecurities EP is a welcomed slice of chilled out grooves; the perfect composition to sit and write to or drive along a long dark road into the void. K15 manages to capture the sentiment of the pensive to near perfection with the track Insecurities whilst his rework of the Crystal Waters classic Gypsy Woman is something of the retro futuristic; sample conjures up a feeling of nostalgia whilst the tribal drums bring you elsewhere -a party under the stars on a South African savanna maybe?

This is definitely an EP for the drive home after the party, its kinda like an EP which allows you to explore the night and journey into the rising light [in reverse order]. I really love this EP and will definitely put my friends onto it. Looking forward to more vibes like this K15…


One thought on “K15 – Insecurities EP

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