Traktor DJ iOS

As someone who’s come from collecting and spinning vinyl on the vintage family record player/cassette deck growing up, DJing in my bedroom on a pair of belt drive turntables whilst friends rocked the mic, to finally going digital with a Numark Omni controller and Traktor Pro on a MacBook; when we’re talking about downsizing and portability in the evolution of DJ technology, Traktor DJ is the epitome of it all. It manages to combine all the best bits and roll them into one package; I’m not the most technical or patient guy, I just love discovering and listening to music that moves me and Traktor allows me share my passion and discoveries with others in the simplest, experimental and user friendliest way possible.

The video below is nothing glittery, it’s just an in the moment lofi iPhone recording of me having a quick play around mix during the commercial break whilst watching the news. I’ve had this app for just over 24hrs and I’m pretty amazed at the power you have at your finger tips; hot cues that are remembered no matter how many times you close down the app, Dropbox sync so you can transfer and share your latest sessions with others, effects and eq, track freeze and the ability to be creative during the mix. There’s a whole lot more capabilities that I haven’t tested as I’m just over a day into experimenting but I’m sure the videos over at Native Instruments will tell me all I need to know, as well as the info tab inside the app.

Available from iTunes App Store for a price of £13.99


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