Floyd Cheung – Outhere

Some people may view this and feel like its the same three seconds looped over the music with a dude swanning around in front of the camera whilst waving his hands in the air. What does Outhere mean? What relevance does being ‘outhere’ have to our lives, is this guy basically saying that he’s always outside or is there a deeper meaning? You know the deeper meaning of being out in a cycle of drugs, drink and irrelevance. Is that what the point is of a song called Outhere featuring some random dude’s (Yung Lean) gesticulation being looped up over the music. 

If you’re viewing it from the standpoint above, you’re probably missing out on Floyd Cheung’s high level of production and Yung Lean’s bittersweet introspection. This is something which caught me by surprise, it can be slightly Drakish in places BUT its a charming insight into the everyday mindset and lifestyle of the contemporary male.

Alas this is only a preview to the upcoming video but I hope the visuals match the high production levels of this remix…


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