My New Investment: iPad Mini

The day has finally arrived, I’ve been waiting for this day since the cold winter morning when it first launched. At first I didn’t know exactly what I wanted it for but something clicked inside of my brain and it all made sense. I think back to the countless conversations I had at the work; the constant torture of being around some of the most magnificent technology all the time and longing to own an item that I saw infinite potential in. My investment was made on the basis that technology had moved on from where it was in 2008, mobile technology had become much more accessible; powerful and productive. It was now or never, given what a trend suggests, although if I speculated on a trend I’d never made a decision. 

I based my investment on never liking the notion of being confined to a desk or wielding a hefty laptop around; waiting for it to load up, finding a plug socket for a charger and then spending countless amounts of energy trying to remain focused and get into the zone. I got fed up to be totally honest with you. I wrote a whole book on my iPhone note pad, the majority of which was in transit; trains, buses, cars, on the road or stationary just before bed. When I weighed it up, it seemed that I was never capable of capturing a train of thought appropriately using my laptop because it was not with me all the time. Music was something I could explore with my laptop because it was more powerful, I had the right setup, it was also my primary intention when making the purchase in 2008.

The iPad for me is all about business, it’s about how I conduct, organise and capture ideas. It will be used in conjunction with my iPhone to conceptualize before being transferred to HQ, my MacBook, to finish. So today marks the start of something special, bridging the gap of seamless less even further…


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