Big-E-D ft. Monkstar – Too Much At Stake

Remember Monkstar? 1/3 of the Newham Generals, N.A.S.T.Y (didn’t really understand the acronym but it was at a time when everyone was trying to make the progression from Grimey to Shiny) Crew and overall cold chilling super villain MC who was renown to slinging some of the most frightening lyrics in Grime. When it came to live performances or radio sets Monkstar was always highly anticipated, he’d shut down a session when waxing lyrical with

My patience is running thin, pistol in your mouth low out your chin. That’s what you get when I talk and you grin, it’s like a lyrical sin…

It’s great to see the likes of Big-E-D, formally of the Aftershock Collective, back after so many years in the post Glory era of Grime wilderness. If you’re unfamiliar with Big-E-D, listen to his soundcloud and you’d of probably hear all of the top DJs of the time spinning his morbid ‘skengman’ riddims. Best known for producing Frontline, the Glory era equivalent of Woo Riddim, had every possible top MC do their own version. One of the best versions belonging to Newham Generals.

There’s no release date for this track but through back and forth correspondence, I can only suspect that something longer than three minutes in the works… An LP maybe?


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