Careless Criminals

Throughout the course of the past seven days I’ve seen several news reports about foiled criminal operations, which have been a result of errors made by the criminals themselves. Seen that I am all for doing things in threes, I’ve put together a list of criminal calamities of the digital age… 

1. No Insurance

A gang of six vigilantes, angry at the EDL, decided to attack a rally with homemade bombs, guns and knives. Whether or not they had links to al-Qaeda or were driven by religious ideology doesn’t hide the fact that they got pulled over on the side of the motorway because they didn’t have any insurance on the car they were driving; on of the group gave the insurance company an incorrect registration. Really??? and to top it off these buffoons missed the rally, partially due to a lack of punctuality and the EDL leader Tommy Robinson failing to show up for the event. (Read full story here)

Moral: Proofreading and checking documents prior to submission is mandatory.

2. Facebook and Blackberry Messenger

So if you were in charge of a [not so] elaborate operation involving stealing luxury cars, jewlerry and watches, would you flout the proceeds of such activity on social networks? Would you pose in pictures with cash between slices of bread, sitting on the bonnet of the car with visible license plates, plan the operations via blackberry messenger chat and record videos which can be used as evidence to convict you? (Read full story here)

Moral: Common sense goes a very long way.

3. MSN Messenger

Similar to the case of the brazen thieves, this duo hatched a plan to kidnap and drown a pregnant teenager in a canal because she wouldn’t have an abortion. The elaborate scheme was foiled when a passer by intervened and fished the 6mth pregnant teen to safety. The two conspirators received a total of 32yrs behind bars, leaving behind what could of been a glittering career in Grime. (Read full story here)

Moral: Strap the f*ck up.


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