CAS – Walkin’

This is far from your average ‘Road Rapper‘, I personally think it’ll be disrespectful to put him in the same category as a lot of UK ‘road’ lyricists so I think in my presence it’ll be a great idea to place him in a league of his own. Not just your average talking about violence, partying, drugs and extreme blingery, CAS is introspective, he’s believable, he’s self defacing and in a weird way kinda like a conscious drug dealer rapper from the dark side. CAS to me is the testimony of a drug dealer who’s in too deep in the dark crevices of the the cycle and rather than try to find some form of salvation or a way out, he’s decided to stay there and preach a gospel from the dark side. I’ve liked this guy, or rather been intrigued from hearing Zinc’s remix of Baraka randomly. That was truely a ‘wtf’ moment because I knew my ears picked up on a different kind of charisma. If I were to explain I’d probably take a pinch of my favourite MCs like Jay-Z‘s introspection and remorse, Biggie’s self depreciation, Eminem‘s extremity and Nas‘ acute descriptiveness and sprinkle them upon a UK, London/Essex rapper.

Could CAS be the start of a new era in UK Rap, could he be the first ‘real’ British MC to depict what life is really like inside the mind of these characters who patrol the shadows of inner city British society?


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