Music Monday – April 2013 #1

It has come to my attention that there’s so many talented and visionary individuals, who inspire my creativity and provide pleasurable aural experiences, that I really need to share their creations as and when they appear. Rather than get boggled down into a whole lot of words I’m just going to post up the infectious sound of three artists that caught my ear.

Maverick Soul – Heart Flush

Maverick came to my attention via his rendition of Stevie Wonder‘s Adore You (My Cherie Amor) but as I delved deeper into some of his previous cuts, I came across this slice of awesomeness. This track not only reaffirms why I don’t need to smoke, drink or dabble in any form of chemical high as music and love is all I need with tracks like this…


Whether it’s Kraftwerk or some of the great and innovative composers of times gone by, Germany has always been a hotbed for superhuman god like musical creativity, IAMNOBODI is certainly no exception. Good Wine is the epitome of this evenings sentiment, putting you in the zone to surf the astral plains in search of your next big idea.

MNEK vs Disclosure – White Noise (Full Crate & FS Green RMX)

If someone were to ask me what a perfect remix sounds like, I’d probably play them this song. Not only does it tick all of the boxes; dreamy chords, a great groove and a nice baseline but it’sd got a general feel good vibe. This is something I’ll be playing for a long time to come…


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