3 Things You May Have Missed

Greetings All, welcome to April! Can you believe we are 1/4 into 2013?! I really cannot begin to fathom how quickly 2013 is going and all the progress that has been made. Since becoming somewhat of a GP, in the realm of mobile smart devices for one of the worlds biggest, prestigious and innovative technological retailers, I haven’t really been on my blogging grind in regards to Up In The Ear but my Tumblr and Soundcloud has been popping with all kinds of activity…

1. The 17 Minute Mashup

I originally set out to create something to submit to the Annie Mac, probably made up of a few tracks and lasting a total of three to six minutes. Once I started getting into it, I ended up with 17.10 seconds of head bobbing, booty shaking bass and beats with a few surprises in between. If you haven’t already streamed, downloaded and listened to it, here you go…

2. I Published A Book

Allegorically Speaking is the name and personal philosophies, epiphanies, and allegorical moments of clarity are the aim of the game. I began writing like a menace in 2010 and it somehow culminated in a body of work that basically documented my train of thought for a highly transitional period in my life. Allegorically Speaking is available to download from the iBooks store (iPad only for now) and can be download and read on Scribd.

Click to download from iBooks

3. Up In The Ear (Errrythaaaang)

So I keep hearing them say “Where’s KO?!”… Well I’ve pretty much changed a lot of my usernames and end links to UpInTheEar because I actually know what my focus is. Not to say that I didn’t know before, but as all transitional creatures, I just weren’t at all sure. Everything from is now UpInTheEar, so if you want to keep up to date on any of the platforms, type UpInTheEar into a search bar…



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