Nike Quickstrike – Air Max 87

Never in my life have I understood the whole Nike Hyperfuse thing until now. This pair raise no alarm when it comes to justifying if £115 can be spent on a pair of sport shoes in 2013 as an adult who has bills to pay and houses to buy. I’m not sure if I was put off by the Hyperfuse in other models such as the Air Max 90s, Dunks and the many hybridised offshoots of crazy limited period experiments that Nike tend to specialise in.

Considering that the colourway is oh so simple and oozes mahoosive levels of class, the craftsmanship add a certain je ne sais quoi to an otherwise prestige sport shoe. Maybe my reluctance to spend frivolously on Nike is down to the 87s being so popular in recent years, and as a direct result Nike may have compromised on the quality of materials and the build quality i.e the skull pack and many pairs from 2006 are far more superior, in terms of craftmanship and materials, to contemporary pairs.


Doubts and gripes aside…

Nike are not now what they are today and shall not be what they shall be tomorrow, so I do myself an injustice to judge Nike based upon yesterday when they have most certainly moved on.

Circa £115 GBP (Reallllly???)


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