Marie Dahlstrom – In The Air

I’m pretty convinced that there’s something about the Scandinavian region of planet earth that has given birth to so many talented, creative and artistic individuals and groups but Marie Dahlstrom is certainly no exception to the trend. She’s simply amazing and has been popping up on my radar for a little over ten months.

The Scandinavian vocalist moved to London from Denmark to study a vocal performance degree in 2009, released her first EP ‘Feelings’ in 2011, has performed at the legendary Ronnie Scott’s in London and the Jazz Fm Discovery Show at Boisdale, been profiled on DeJaVu Fm amongst a whole lot of other exciting and prolific things all while she constructs her second release where she’ll be collaborating with the likes of Bassplayer Robin Mullerkey (Zero7,Ty, Eska..) and Matt Cooper (Incognito, Cee-lo Green..).


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