Korg Microsampler

The Microsampler is a 37-key keyboard sampler that lets you enjoy easy-to-use full-featured sampling, a loop sequencer and internal effects – all with an intuitive interface that’s designed for realtime performance. In addition to triggering samples as on a conventional pad-type sampler, you can also play the samples at different pitches in a musical fashion, and even resample the result. The controllers you need for an exciting performance are laid out on the panel for intuitive operation. The status of the samples assigned to each key (and the item being edited) is indicated by the lit state of the LEDs running along the top of the keyboard, ensuring excellent visibility even on stage.

I can’t believe my eyes, I really can’t and when this happens I can feel myself being suckered into buying something kinda expensive that I don’t know how to use or eventually get bored of. This little battery operated machine has got my mind spinning at this moment in time and I’m going to dedicate the next few hours doing some research…

Pocket Damage: £245.00 (Soundware.co.uk)


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