Auralgasm – 3 Great Soul Songs

I feel so strange right now, quite like I’ve been shot in the neck by cupid. I’ve been listening to a mini playlist of songs from my ‘That Smooth Ish’ playlist and I feel like I’m in the mood to write some poetry but what better way to articulate intricate sensations than sharing examples of the captured sentiments?

Amy Winehouse – Know You Now

Not sure if it’s particular points in the year that I randomly get soppy and romantic but there’s a weird chemical imbalance going on inside of me. Thing about soul music is that it totally sweeps you off of your feet and into the music. You become captivated by the chords, the bass and kick drum become one with the beat of your heart whilst the serene vocals allow the lyrics to seep deep inside your ears…

Musiq – Just Friends (Sunny)

Who knows why you connect with a particular sentiment of the song, what if the sentiment you thought applied to a particular situation didn’t apply to that scenario in your life, what if you discovered the song to relate to a future scenario that you’re currently going through? That’s the thing about soul music, it’s honest, trust worthy and sincere, you become suspended in it’s a timeless sentiments of romance as the combination of it’s sincerity and beautiful compositions trigger sensations and trains of thought that only the music can articulate.

Jill Scott – A Long Walk

Could it be the…?, or the…? Although I know it’s definitely because of… Quite weird how two estranged halves of a cuddle could reunite for all of ten seconds causing the weird butterflies that swim around and tickle your insides like shooting stars twinkling in the night sky to begin exactly a year after the departure of the missing half, and a few months after those sensations had all but nearly faded…



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