4 Songs I Lost In The Draft Box

This time last year I was shadowing the Press Officer whilst on work experience at Defected Records. One of my main duties was to find new blogs and places to connect with. I come across many blogs, some of which were rather pretentious and others which were rather meh. This post was originally scheduled to go out last summer I guess I never got round to it. So without further adieu I present…

Aquarius Heaven – Can’t Buy Love

Aquarius Heaven, born Brian Brewster, is an ex reggae dance-hall and hip hop singer. It was pure chance that Brian became involved with the electronic music scene after he moved to Paris in 2005, where he meet the Parisian electronic music trio dOP. After spending hours in the studio with the three musicians, Brian’s musical sound was profoundly changed. Yet, we can still hear the colors of the Caribbean in his vocals, and since he is new to the genre, his music is unbound by the old rehashed sounds and limitations of the electronic music scene.

Little Jinder – Without You

Josefine Jinder is a 24-year-old Stockholm sweetheart who at a young age moved to the UK and received a diploma in sound technology from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. It was there that Jinder started developing her sound, which is influenced by synth, IDM, disco and the rich musical history and environment of her native Sweden.

Lunice – Glow

In a little over a year, Lunice had managed to capture the attention of the world, with an eclectic sound and out-of-the ordinary production capability. Lunice is a natural born entertainer who has the drive, sound, and dexterity to make us move.

Doctor Dru & Adana Twins – Juicy Fruit I Exploited

Three priorities dominated his youth, the Snare, Skateboarding & Soul Music. Soon his professional drumming career took him around Europe, supporting artists like R.Kelly in sold out concert halls. A skateboarding accident left him with two broken arms and put an abrupt end to drumming. Tweaking a mixer was still possible, and so the affair with an atari and a drummachine began. The subsequent years were about honing his production skills and spinning vinyl at numerous parties and clubs.

This is where my ears where supposed to be last year, I can’t believe I missed out on having such a great summer of music but hey ain’t no crime in starting now…



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