All I Want Is An iPad

My first Apple product was a 2nd generation iPod shuffle, a present from an old friend for my 22nd birthday, given to me the night before my last trip to Jamaica. It weren’t until November 2008 that I got my hands on an aluminium 13″ MacBook that came packaged with an iPod nano, the new one that would change song when shaken. Twenty months later I purchased an iphone4. My initial excuse on the day was that I brought it for better mobile blogging capabilities but my real excuse for jumping for from a Blackberry to an iPhone was

  1. Blackberry’s are unreliable and prone to data loss when synced with a Mac
  2. BBM: If it weren’t the deletion of serial broadcast messagers or people I’d never talk to regularly requesting my ‘pin’, it was erratic female ‘friends’ sending me bullshit.

So now I have an iPhone and a MacBook but I have no between. An iPhone is great for making and receiving calls, a MacBook is great for taking care of business and research but what about when you’re on your bed or having a casual surf? Sometimes it’s not practical to squint your eyes whilst typing into the notepad on your phone or research apparel manufacturers. There’s nothing worse than trying to watch a video on an iPhone. Fair enough it’s convenient and a blessing to do such a thing as the Blackberry Curve was never capable but with an iPad I wouldn’t have to hold the screen right up to my face, I could relax and read the whole video title of a series of uploaded content rather than clicking around.

At first I was sceptical about the iPad, I thought OG Stevo (RIP my darg) and the brainiacs at Apple were clever for creating a product that no one knew they needed until it came and opened up so many diverse possibilities. For me the iPad is once again centred around blogging and being able to document my ideas and research into one practical, lightweight machine. It’ll also be a great place to read books as real books and magazines are rather daunting nowadays as my concentration levels are pretty low. If it can bridge the gap between portability, versatility, practicality and power, I’d gladly invest the £649 required although I may sit it out for a while and see if working at the fruit comes with great employee purchase benefits…



4 thoughts on “All I Want Is An iPad

  1. Fam def got, an iPad 3 for my
    Bday, though I feel like an iPad hoe, for having a iPad , iPhone and iMac I’m
    Wondering if I should of got a laptop. The iPad is very nice, and convienvence is nice. No more squinting at the phone , ICloud is crazy. I’m probably scratching the surface with apps but we’ll see later this month what I can do with it


    • I got my ipad mini a few months ago but I ain’t no ho! Lol it’s a treat and works well for mobility productivity so I’m enjoying it. I’m eyeing up a new mac next


      • Those new Imac’s are nice.. only thing though is i don’t like the fact that they are removing the CD drives? What is the point of that really. Apple is really finicky sometimes. I need to talk to the design team seriously


      • If you think about it, CDs will be redundant soon enough as a majority of things are downloaded and streamed ie Software come in boxes with download codes nowadays, people have devices with streaming services such as iTunes, Netflix, YouTube etc so it could be their way of staying ahead of the curve. Plus I doubt they could of made it so slim with a disc drive anyway.


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