That Awkward Moment When…

There’s always that one person who you meet that tries to get comfy, too comfy that they forget the rules of having friends from different cultures and races. I understand that you might be retelling a Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle joke, I understand that it gets quite hard to singalong to your favourite rap songs with your black friends whilst trying to avoid saying ‘Nigga’ but remember this…

It’s never ok to drop the n-bomb no matter how long you’ve known your black friends.

Some people get brave and write it in their tweets apart of rap lyrics, not even trying to replace letters with an asterix or even a different word like dude. Some people use it when retelling jokes from last nights black comedy youtube binge, not great either. So what if Chris Rock outlined the difference between n***as and regular black folk, that don’t mean you can repeat the joke back to me or any of your black friends. Why? Because those jokes are what I’d call ‘insider’ jokes. I’m not speaking for everyone, I’m just speaking for me and making you aware that it’s not ok in advance.

So what happens when someone in your presence says something racially inappropriate?

Well they may not necessarily get fireworks but they will get the awkward facial expression. The awkward face is a blank stare of sorts and if looks could speak, it’ll say “You better check yourself real quick because you fucked up on this occasion”. If you don’t get the face you’ll probably get a set of fireworks like this…

Moral of the story, always be aware of other peoples feelings when it comes to race, gender or sexuality because I’m sure you wouldn’t go into a Gay Pride meeting singing Buju Banton’s Boom Bye bye or walk into a Woman’s Liberation meeting talking cunticles and housewifery.



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