Offbeat South – Breakaway

What would happen if you were to take Hollyoaks, Skins and Glee, chop em up into teeny weeny pieces and throw them into a mahooosive witches couldron?

Well you’ll be served with a big plate of cheeeese in the form of Offbeat South. They’re kinda of like a new generation of S-Club 7 meets Clement Marfo and The Frontline but without the rebellion that saw the lead man release his songs for free, angering a string of execs in the process. This video is an acoustic session, filmed on a hilltop similar to the one in the Wrigley’s Extra sponsorship indents of yesteryear. The strange thing is that they’ve been one of the bands featured on Hollyoaks… Coincidence eh?


3 thoughts on “Offbeat South – Breakaway

  1. They are unsigned. Their music is un-manufactured, unlike the bands you have mentioned in the article. Interesting take though!


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