Chasing Nostalgia

There are some things in life that are priceless, some things you can buy and they’ll make you happy for a lil bit but it’s not until much later down the line that you realise why you made the purchase and it’s significance. I don’t think we notice the simple things when we make purchases, some times we might know the reason for a purchase but it’s not until you’ve had trains of thought when the rainy days arrive and we doubt purchasing the new pair of sports shoes, the sunglasses, the record that you wished you had brought all those years ago.

Music is special because there are particular records that carry sentiments from a time period where you first heard the track. I can liken myself to some sort of addict, chasing nostalgia through music because in the past few months I have seemed to acquire a lot of the records from my childhood. These are records from a particular period in my life, the transition from a boy into a teen. The records aren’t just a few cool songs I listen to but they project a period of the past where I began to grow and know oneself. Each time I listen to these records I can remember exact locations, feelings and I walk the same places when I close my eyes whilst listening.

I don’t have the greatest or most extensive and diverse vinyl collection, I probably don’t even regret the fact that I lost a lot of my most cherished pieces through being frivolous but I kind of like it that way. Each time I find another track from the past I feel as if I’m piecing together a big jigsaw puzzle of my growth, detailing my musical DNA and musical collection of memories. Some of these tracks are some of the first records I ever owned whilst others are records I had previously had in my collection but taken them for granted such as Nas’ Illmatic and Notorious B.I.G’s Ready To Die 12″ LPs.

In the days I couldn’t really DJ that well, I just liked to buy the songs that I love to listen to and kinda forgot about buying records once I had discovered rapping and had DJ in the crew who’s primary roll was to have the best tracks. Since acquiring turntables of my own in the mid ’00, I began a mission to collect ever track that I felt was special from my path. Once I got rid of the analogue equipment and went digital, I began to scour the Internet and soundcloud to see if producers such as Todd Edwards were selling their iconic tracks from the mid ’90s.

As far as DJing and podcasting goes, I’m quite varied, I play a lot of diverse music with a soulful thread running through it. It makes no sense to box yourself in, I always listen and select music but one premise, it’s always got to have soul because if it’s hollow I don’t want to know. I can’t really describe what this thing called ‘soul’ is, some could assume it to be heavily focused on chords or particular types of instrumentation, style or sound but I couldn’t disagree more. Soul is being able to connect with something, it’s all about what it means to you, does it capture a particular sentiment, does it stir up indescribable emotions and alien feelings, does it give you goose bumps and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, does it make you lose track of time as you spiral into yourself to rediscover something?

That’s soul to me, that will also explain why I seem to collect all these records from my past as if I’m trying to piece together a million fragments to add direction to the bigger picture whilst I discover new parts that I not known existed before.



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