Quote of The Week: J. Cole – The Cure

This quote comes from J. Cole, I haven’t really listened to him since listening to a few tracks on The Warm Up released around ’08/’09. Since Warm Up, J. Cole has featured on Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 where his delivered a stellar verse on A Star Is Born, had a featured verse on Beyonce’s hit Party, had shots fired his way from none other than rap shit stain and Drake mini-me Diggy Simmons for supposedly saying he banged his elder sister Vanessa on his track Grew Up Fast, and managed to release a successful solo album album -that I still hadn’t heard yet. Things went rather quiet for Cole since releasing his album, sure we heard and enjoyed the visuals to Sideline Story but he virtually disappeared from the scene whilst the MMG and A$AP Boyz caught the shine.

Just when we all thought J. Cole had gone missing, when we were almost ready to put his face on the milk cartons, when ‘prolific’ bloggers were speculating his whereabouts… J. Cole releases this surprise on Friday morning causing millions of his followers to rush to DreamVillain.net to hear the track, causing both blogs and the web server to crash for a good couple of hours.

What’s the hype about?

He’s basically laid verses onto Watch The Throne’s track Lift Off, none too much I can recall except this one, which made it to Quote of The Week because it contained so much hilarity. As simple as it seems, it’s an epic line because he’s playing onto the teen pregnancy epidemic and the fact that a lot of these ‘Baby Mamas’ who have babies whilst still babies blossom into something more alluring somewhere along the line so if one was to have ‘sexy time’ with some guys ‘baby mama’, that would make one a glorified motherfucker.

Rap Quote of the week #1:

I’m a motherfucker and your baby mama is a M.I.L.F

Is there a better example of playground punchlinery, are you the “M.I.L.F” who felt validated when you heard it or are you the heartless motherfucker out to steal the pooty from a single mother before making a clean getaway to the next M.I.L.F?

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