Etta Bond x Raf Riley – Emergency Room EP

In life it’s always great to lose all expectation at the earliest part because unless you’re the puppet master in the constellations, you can never acutely predict how anything could ever turn out. Growing up I wanted to be an astronaut, an artist, a super villainous professor out of a comic book and a writer but gradually went on to tell the adults what they wanted to hear i.e Dentist until I realised that I’d have to examine peoples gobs all day, a Veterinarian until I realised I’d have to do things to animals and a Lawyer until I realised that I’d have to stay in school for twenty more years before waiting another thirty more to become top of the top.

So where did it all go wrong, why did I suddenly lose my desire to become a fine artist, an intergalactic astronaut and a super villain professor?

Well I wasn’t really good at or that much into ‘fine art’, I just used to doodle and scribble my name which would later turn into tagging and graffiti, to become an astronaut meant even more years of schooling where I’d study physics which I had no real interest in and I weren’t really about the Super Villain Professor life because I had a conscience and after every sinister thing I did I always proceeded with the prayer my parents taught me in Arabic as a child so I kinda redeemed myself all the time.

I’d say that one of the major distractions was when I found music in my early teens. It kept me out of trouble, it honed my childhood story writing and literature skills and it eventually brought me back to one of my initial endeavours as a child, creative writing…

My point is that I only discovered and fell in love with Etta Bond’s voice a few weeks ago and if this collaboration with Raf Riley is a ‘free of charge’ release, I’d hate to think how great the ‘paid for’ release will be… The levels are mighty high!

Click to Download EP


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