Tall Black Guy – Tempo Dreams Vol.1

The funny thing about music, creativity and productivity is that all three are synonymous with the night. Inspiration to a creative mind at night is like the sudden breeze on a calm ocean; the type of light breeze that sets your raft to drift into the unknown in pursuit of whatever vision you’re currently trying to achieve before the reflection of the stars and the full moon on top of the water fade into sunlight. This piece of music is beautiful, it’s inspiring, its trance inducing, dreamy, ethereal, it’s the soundtrack to meditation. This piece of music is powerful, and it is no coincidence that Terrel ‘Tall Black Guy’ Wallace has utilised Astrud Gilberto‘s ‘Meditation’ and made it into something the ancient Egyptian high priests would describe as being a vehicle one boards to ride the astral dimensions…

I’ll be honest with you all, I don’t care about hits, I don’t care about how popular my blog is, the reason I write about and share things is because I love nothing more than listening to music. I love nothing more than to spend a day suspended in great sounds, sounds to provide a soundtrack to my ups, downs, melancholic, chilled out, hyperactive, romantic and seductive sentiments. For me music is all about a connection, it’s much more than a sing-a-long, it’s always about making the connection; mind, body and soul. Music is about whether someone has been successful in capturing a sentiment whereby they’ve painted a picture using sound which allows ones spirit to elevate elsewhere. Terrel ‘Tall Black Guy’ Wallace’s compilation does exactly that, whilst watching and listening to the Tempo Dreams video teaser I was filled with an indescribable feeling. I didn’t know whether I were about to cry, laugh or smile, all I knew was that my face scrunched up and my head couldn’t stop bobbing to each track. It had me pick up a pen from out of my pen pot and mark June 19th on my calendar to begin counting down the hours till release.

Artists featured on the album are: Tensei, MonkeyRobot, Ta-Ku, Evil Needle, Teru, Chief, Jeriko Jackson, Buscrates, Floydcheung, Doc Illingsworth, Schecky’s Jazzy Tofu, and Tall Black Guy. Whether or not I’ve heard of these artists doesn’t matter because Tall Black Guy is fresh to my ears and I’m inspired to do some digging because from what I’ve heard so far, all artists make some amazing music.

Tall Black Guy Presents Tempo Dreams Vol. 1 Out June 19th

Pre-Order on iTunesSoundcloud | Facebook | Bandcamp | @SirTallBlackGuy


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