Warren Xclnce – The Xclnce EP

I’d be gassing if I said that I knew about this guy for the longest amount of time, I only just discovered him a few minutes ago. Usually I’d actually listen to someone’s music for a while before posting it up but there was something about his music which compelled me to post the song straight away. Truth is I’ve developed a bit of a musical fixation with Etta Bond, signee to Labryth’s Odd Child, I just think she’s wonderful and dreamy and I totally swoon over her. I have no idea when this crush started but as I was searching for a video to post on my virtual pin-board blog, I discovered this…

If truth be told I didn’t listen to the whole song, I just went on a treasure hunt to find out whether I could find soundcloud audio but when this didn’t happen I stumbled upon the bandcamp and realised that there was an ep to download, which I clicked on instantly. Why? Because the tracks on the soundcloud had me captivated, well this one in particular…

It’s a collaboration between Warren Cummings and Reiss Goodridge and I wish there were a way I could get my hands on it! It’s audio CRACK, it’s that type of instrumental you could listen to over and over on a rainy day or at night, it captured a sentiment I can’t describe to perfection.

Click To Download

The EP itself is a culmination of works created between 2009 and 2012. I’m pretty sad that Examine Me is nowhere to be found but hopefully Warren reads this and my tweet and emails me the song alongside Beinloved…

Bandcamp | Facebook | @Warren_Xclnce | Soundcloud


2 thoughts on “Warren Xclnce – The Xclnce EP

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