E.B.R.U ft. Durrty Goodz – MAD

In this day and age, or shall I say since the late great Amy Winehouse departed into the heavens, you’d be hard pressed to find a vocalist, let alone a female one without charisma. I’m talking about someone with not only vocal skills and big voice but character, the charisma required to express their sentiment through the vocal on the track. It’s not straight to the blade and clean cut, it’s like being able to become the emotion which drives the technique of the hand that wields the samurai sword.

E.B.R.U is exactly that, her sound is reminiscent of the Motown era, not in a rebore trying to recreate type of way but E.B.R.U understands the power of live musicianship. E.B.R.U understands that live instruments combined with her vocal prowess, raw emotion and lyrical content act as a catalyst for a style that is much more humanised. I admire the way that she doesn’t hold back, she pushes herself to the limit almost as if there’s a ‘swing’ setting that she manipulates to set herself apart from her contemporaries -if she has any. The perfect way to describe E.B.R.U is that she’s discovered the secret to using ones voice as an instrument, she bends like the bamboo reeds in the volatile winds, she uses her voice like a ninja assassin sparring in a game of death with her fellow instruments. How she can sit amongst her accompanying instruments, so perfectly I’ll never know but one thing for sure is that she can’t be human with skills like that. I predict a lot of great things for this lady, next live show I’ll be there to witness the spectacle in person.

Facebook | @EBRUofficial | Soundcloud | Website


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