M.I.K – Mor£ (Official Video)

Back when I was a teenager, before iPhones, Blackberries and Laptops, we were in the tower block stairwells of some local poverty stricken housing estate awaiting the arrival of a few ‘cuties’ from off the ends. All you needed back in ’03 was a few ‘skuds’, a bottle of booze and a free ‘yard’, once you had those three things you were getting high, you were getting yakked up on rocket fuel and you were getting laid. The only thing that could go wrong is for one of your boys to fail miserably with one of your links’ mates. I rate and respect this video because it reminds me of some ‘peak’ times when a thumbs up meant you got a hatrick: high, yakked and hedonistic.

Buy now on iTunes | Bandcamp


One thought on “M.I.K – Mor£ (Official Video)

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