Kitty Pryde – Okay Cupid <3

Despite what a lot of people seem to believe rap is in regards to standards and its code of conduct, both of which are always there to be broken. I had been waiting for such a long time for someone to break the mould and do something totally different because I was bored of Nicki Minaj‘s Lady GaGa complex, Iggy Azalea‘s inability to maintain momentum past the first few lines in verse one and the lack of individualism on a whole. Fair enough there are brilliant and skilled individuals such as Azalea Banks, Kreayshawn etc but Rap music on a whole has become stagnant, not just for females but Rap flows, content and excitebility.

Hip Hop and Rap originally was a way people could express themselves as individuals, speak their truth as a form of channelling their indifference on their journey back to the stars. Before all the booty shaking and bling bling, before all the commercialisation, before the culture was commodified it was means of creative self expression… Basically Kitty Pryde epitomises ‘keeping it real’, ‘individuality‘, and the ‘essence’ at the heart of the genre.

If you’re one of those judgemental types, I suggest you close your eyes and listen to the way in which she slings syllables as if she’s walking a tightrope, it’s pretty special to witness, inspiring in fact because Kitty maintains what I’d call a ‘childlike innocence of eye’. Kitty also possesses unparalleled naivety in comparison to her contemporaries -if she has any- because it is one of the closest displays of superrealism (artistic and literary movement charictarised by extreme realism -think Dali and Miro) I have witnessed in while. Come to think of it, I’ve practically fallen in love with the song -especially the beat and how she gracefully glides on top of it and the fact that she named herself after a character from X-Men, my favourite comic.

Written By: Kitty Pryde, Produced By: Beautiful Lou, Directed By: Bryan Mckay & Shannen Ortale

@Kttydothedishes | Tumblr | Bandcamp


One thought on “Kitty Pryde – Okay Cupid <3

  1. Every time I try to explain how much I don’t like this song to someone, I end up liking it a little more.


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