I really don’t know what to expect when I receive emails these days. Sometimes its spam, sometimes its info about artists I’d never cared to listen to or its random information from a PR company mailing list that I didn’t sign up to. I opt not to complain because it’s such a blessing when I receive a gem, it makes me believe I’m doing something right if someone sends me some great music to listen to and share.

VDE&NITE is exactly why I publish my email address because someday last week out of nowhere I receive a vague email which was jargon free and contained no self glorification or any of the [over]hype I came to expect all email/mailing list submissions to contain. It was mysteriously simple, they complimented the blog and left a link to a music video. I really didn’t know what to expect, I was on the move at that moment in time so I stepped outside into the garden whilst every one at the dinner party continued to enjoy their desert and I skipped through the song…

It was at that point that I sent through a reply with a few random questions because as much as I thought they were good, I hadn’t really been in an environment where I had sat down and immersed myself in the music in order to understand it, and it weren’t until I were sat at home the following morning that I had the chance to listen properly. It was here that I realised that they were far greater than I had summed them up to be with my initial impression, their music was ethereal, sparse and airy, their visuals were borderline psychedelic and their ability to refresh a looped riff to contain the heightened sentiment was trance inducing. At this point I realised I had discovered another band to join the special playlist amongst artists such as Kwala et al.

There were so many questions I wanted to fire their way after listening to and connecting with their art more intently but I decided hold off of waiting to publish the post because the vague mysteriousness which allows room for creativity to speak for itself may just be how VDE&NITE would like to be perceived.

KO: Where are you from?

VDE&NITE: I’m from Bedstuy/Brooklyn

KO: How’d you get into making music?

VDE&NITE: I got into music on my own. Favorite pastime, creating it. Started taking it seriously my sophomore year up in College (RISD)

KO: What influences you?

VDE&NITE: My influences are definitely chill, dreamy & eerie tunes. Gospel or anything inspiring because of it’s content. I also love heavy kicks and those retro/funky sounds.

KO: Describe your sound?

VDE&NITE: I’d say i’m alternative/new wave/you wave/I wave/we wave/chillwave. My sounds pretty daydreamish idk haha

KO: Upcoming releases and tour dates?

VDE&NITE: Well our mixtape PRVDVDEVTH is on it’s way real soon and I’m working on performing around NYC in the summer, nothing too grand.

Soundcloud | @VDEandNite | Webpage

I really like what these guys are doing, hopefully I’d find out whether they are an individual or a band and what all the acronyms stand for. Maybe I like not knowing a lot about VDE&NITE, maybe their music wouldn’t be the same if I knew all the secrets…



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