JAY Z & Kanye West – No Church In The Wild

Watching this and remembering Jay-Z‘s shout out to the residents of Hackney, a London Borough, in the songs intro whilst the visuals adorned the screens in the background at the final night of the Watch The Throne tour in London, strike me as no surprise. London’s night of anarchy and uprising in August 2011 combined with that which had been taking place in Greece, parts of North Africa, the Middle East and further afield must of inspired Romain Garvas’ visuals in tandem with the content of Frank Ocean‘s lyrics.

I watch this and wonder whether like Run this Town, it’s simply a statement that popular culture is coming to terms with the rise of the people and the power in coming together for a greater cause to overthrow our oppressors by not only shifting from the thought processes of old but making much more radical choices to ensure a fairer future for the peoples of tomorrow, or maybe it’s the whole ‘Age of Aquarius’ in music video format to document the shifting zeitgeist from one power and way of thinking to another. Who knows?… I haven’t even sat through the video! Haaaa!



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