Reader Submission #2 – Safe2woSay

D’Andre ‘Safe2woSay’ Harper is a producer and songwriter from Orange, New Jersey who describes himself as a new age artist.

KO: How did you start making music?
S2S: I started writing poems at around 13. They were all love poems though, I couldn’t really write about anything else until I started listening to Nas, and the track that inspired me was It Aint Hard To Tell. I memorized his lyrics and rapped over them and over till it became obvious that I could actually flow, that’s when I started writing my own stuff and everything just took off.

KO: What’s the meaning behind Safe2woSay?
S2S: The meaning behind Safe2woSay has to do all with me just coming out and saying I rap and that I have a voice. I was hesitant to speak about all of things. I never voiced my opinion because of the reactions that I would get from people and knowing that I would be misunderstood. S2S is basically stating that’s its safe for me to talk. I don’t have to be afraid anymore. I developed a mind state of not giving a fuck, about the way think about my ideas.

KO: What equipment do you use to make music?
S2S: I use whatever I can get my hands on. Keyboards, Macs, PCs, Cell Phones if I can. I do everything on my own, so I have a lot of time to myself and I spend that learning new programs.

KO: What are your influences and what inspires you to be creative?
S2S: My little sister inspires me. Nothing else in the world is a greater influence than her. Shes only 10 but she can do so much and that’s all from watching me. Shes so young but she is ready to take on whatever. Not even caring about the obstacles that are in front of her. My creativity comes a lot from the conversations we have. Sometimes about just Sponge Bob or her day and it sparks up way more things than I thought it would.

KO: Describe your sound?
S2S: My sound is like a clock. My music never stops and it keeps progressing. I’m only one way two times out of the day ,but for the rest its different. I just let my hand do the talking.

KO: What should we be on the look out for?
S2S: My new mixtape dropping in june called S.A.F.E. that just has a lot of features and a lot of videos. | Facebook


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