Watch The Throne – THAT WAS CRAY!

What can I actually say because if you weren’t there and you’re a fan of either Kanye and Jay-Z or both, you missed out on the worlds greatest show.

I said from waking up yesterday morning that I wouldn’t take pictures, tweet, record video, phone folks to show off that I’m at the concert or instagram anything because I didn’t pay my hard earned £££ for a ticket to share my moment with those who had no intention of making the pilgrimage.


No doubt they put on an EPIC show, no doubt it was great to see the rap god J-Hova and Yeezus Christ rocking the stage together as prophet and disciple, as master and apprentice, as sensei and student. It was also apparent to see that whilst Jay-Z had seen it all before, a younger and less experienced Kanye was entering his prime, Jay had done world tours and sold out shows his whole career and wasn’t as fired up as I were used to but Yeezy was full of flame. It was beautiful to see them have a moment where they sat on stage and reflected, performing New Day and Hard Knock Life, I wanted Jay-Z to perform Glory -I somehow knew that that was something I’d have to wait a few years to witness although when he performed Where I’m From I went line for line with him.

Kanye was on fire, words cannot describe how great it was to witness two of my biggest inspirations and role models on the same stage, rocking the same show. Who else can get a diverse crowd of all colours, creeds, races and faiths singing along to Jesus Walks? That was a special moment, it was inspiring in the sense that whilst I were there admiring them, I constantly had a desire to be on the stage beside them -who knows it may happen one day…


Right to the end and just started again with Yeezy having Yeezy moments in between.



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