Amede Soundsmith – Flashing Lights

Amede Soundsmith is a singer, beat maker and mix/recording engineer from East London who’s submitted many an EP and track to the inbox but unlike previous emails, the Flashing Lights EP caught me at the right place and right time. I began to listen and finally understood, not only did I finally understand but I was in an environment where I could listen to the EP with no distractions. It was at this point that I realised that my ears were finally ready to consume such beautiful and trance inducing music.

KO: Where are you from?

AS: I’m from the sunny side of East London with Nigerian & Zambian Heritage.

KO: What’s the meaning behind the name Amede Soundsmith?

AS: It is what it is really, Amede is my real name which means ‘water has no enemy’ and Soundsmith is something I created myself from blacksmith, which is one who work with metals and a locksmith, one who creates keys and locks. I produce art using sound not just as singer or beat maker, but also as a mix/recording engineer and radio selector hence the name Soundsmith. All in house I guess!

KO: How would you describe your music?

AS: Phrraa! Well. This question gets me every time. I like to call it, Electric Soul, Electroganic, Alternative Progressive blah blah…. not too sure to be honest. Some call my music Experimental Hip Hop, and others call it Future Soul, at the end of the day we always compare what we hear to the closest other thing to it that we know of. I’m not against being placed under and genre, many artists out there complain about that ish… “ah! I don’t wanna be put in a box”, …but if it makes it easier for your listeners to find you then BAM! That what you want right? [#PassionateRant LOL]

KO: Musical Influences?

AS: In my early teens, Joe! The first song I ever performed was Stutter! When I was 17, The Soulquarians… Anything by Dilla or by Stones Throw Records got the green light with me. Of late it has really been a mix of M.I.A., Frank Ocean, Friendly Fires, Dam-Funk, Kanye, Theophilus London, Dorian Concept, Jesse Boykins, Hudson Mo, Gold Panda, not forgetting… Marvin Gaye, Dionne Warwick & Marc Moulin! Kwes, Sampha & Azekel are three of my favourite UK artists right now…Google them!!! “…if you don’t know, now you know n****” #NotoriousB.I.G.

KO: Upcoming projects, collaborations and tour dates we should look out for?

AS: Hmmm that would be telling! I’m actually gearing up to start recording the next EP with even hotter production, we I think so lol. And I’m thinking about the next two projects after that one #ForwardThinking . I’ll doing more stuff behind the scenes with Azekel and a few others which are to be confirmed. Nuff said!

What I love about Amede and artists in a similar vein is that they are unafraid to explore the boundaries, they are unafraid of letting go of all restrictions whether structural, sonically or conceptually. For Amede, music doesn’t seem to stop at mere self expression or creativity, I detect an underlying passion to bridge the gap between corporeal and ethereal, Primrose Hill and Labyrinth being perfect examples.

Amede Soundsmith to me will sit in the same iPod playlist as Quadron, Kwala, Boom Clap Bachelors and Made In Heights, all of whom I’ve discovered on a whim and gone on to listen to their music near enough every single day.

Click Artwork To Download

Tumblr | Soundcloud | Facebook | @AmedeSoundsmith | Bandcamp

What do you think of Amede Soundsmith?

  • Do you like his sound?
  • Is he your type of artist?
  • Does he inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone?

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