Reader Submission #1: Mouse Sucks

Mouse Sucks is an 18 year old ‘Psychadelic Punk’ artist from Ontario Canada who’s on the cusp of releasing his debut EP, The Ginyu, on June 9th 2012. The two singles featured on the EP will be Isis, which is dedicated to Isis Taylor -who?, and Singing With A Ginyu Girl. After listening to both songs I decided to ask Mouse a few questions via email to better understand the music before sharing it.

Why have you labelled yourself a ‘psychedelic punk’ artist as opposed to rap?

Psychedelic Punk is the name I gave my art because of all the genres that I extract from that help me build my sound.

Who is Isis Taylor and what’s a Ginyu Girl?

Isis Taylor is the Queen of the Universe.. Every now and then she gets bored of ruling the Universe and decides to become an actress. A Ginyu Girl is an ever changing/morphing force that makes us guys walk around with our heads down singing “Prototype”.

Who are your musical influences and what’s the meaning, significance and irony behind the name?

My musical influences span from Lupe Fiasco, to Never Shout Never to Charles Hamilton, Sara Barilles.. There’s a lot of influences. As far as the name goes, my nickname as a kid was “Mouse” and that was my stage name for a little.. “Mouse Sucks” was a campaign idea but another artist by the name of Capital Ode convinced me to run with “Mouse Sucks” as my stage name.

Soundcloud | @MouseSucks | Youtube | Facebook

At first I didn’t know how to take it, he’s got character quite like a Kid Cudi meets Lil B with a sprinkle of irony.

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